Grading’s greatest hits

by stryson

Some charming answers from the papers I’m grading this afternoon:

From a piece on Jane Goodall studying monkeys:

6. What would you hope to learn about chimps if you studied them?

Student 1: I hope to learn that they are butlers that we could take home.

Student 2:Building a wooden wii and playing the games that I have.


Free choice poem writing:

“My Mom is nice

She likes to dance

She takes out the garbage

and I like to dance.”


“I’m sitting in her seat.

She doesn’t even notice.

She turns around and sees me.

She says go back to your seat.

I’m sitting in my seat.

I’m writing this poem. Yay me!”


From questions for The Ballad of Lucy Whipple:

4. What is Gold Fever, and how did Butte catch it?

Gold fever is a fever people catch by finding gold and that’s how Butte caught it.

3. What has shaken Lucy’s faith?

I has shaken her fear that her new name will be much better than California. (editor’s note: ?????)

At least this is keeping me entertained.


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