Quotes out of the Blue

by stryson

I hadn’t planned on posting today; I’ve been catching up on some work this week. (Even though it’s summer vacation, yes, I have things I need to do for school. I’m actually helping to put together the cards for an award system we have at school… but I digress.) However, I am here in my classroom, and I decided to organize my desktop before continuing what I need to do. (Productive procrastination!) There was a text file sitting there, with the ever-creative name of “New Text Document.” Opening it up, I found a quote from earlier this year that I’d forgotten I typed in. At the time, typing it was faster than grabbing a piece of paper. Now, I shall share it with you.

Courtesy of two sixth grade boys:

Boy 1: “They should make unicorn flavored ice cream. It’d be all sparkly.”

Boy 2: “And hairy.”

Stay cool! We’re still just shy of triple digits, but we’re scheduled to get there today.


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