George Washington’s Farewell Address

by stryson

While my husband and I were on vacation with some friends last weekend, we got into a conversation about U.S. Presidents. More specifically, someone in the group questioned whether or not our country had ever had any presidents that were completely uncontroversial, at least in the sense that we’ve grown up knowing politics to be. The group’s consensus was that the only obvious answer was George Washington. I took that moment to note that he didn’t even particularly want the job, which led to humorous quips about those most capable for the job not wanting it, and vice versa. In any case, this conversation led me to seek out a funny piece that I remembered Randall Munroe (of XKCD fame) composing: A Bastardization of George Washington’s Farewell Address.  He sums up Washington’s points in simplified, modern language, and I think it’s both brilliant and funny, though I feel that way about many of his creations. Enjoy!

(Also, if you’re interested in reading the actual text of Washington’s Address, it’s here.)


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