by stryson

Oh, the conundrums with which we are faced because of certain students!

There is a girl in my sixth grade reading class that has multiple learning difficulties. Among her habits (if you’d call it that) is writing all over everything, often just her name, over and over. Today, I’d passed out a story that was photocopied. I intended to just re-collect the papers and reuse them another year. Well, this young lady wrote all over hers, of course. However, I feel strange about following through to reinforce that it was a poor choice, since what she wrote was a note to me. It said the following:

[It began with a drawing of a peace sign, a heart, and a smiley face, with the label “Peace, Love, Happiness.”]

Dear Mrs. Tryson,

You are the best teacher ever!!!

From: Her Name

To: Mrs. Tryson

[peace sign] out.

Then, underneath, an arrow drawn to the illustration for the story, and a note that reads:

This is Pocahontas and she is a Native American girl. 12 years old.

So… she complimented me, and then she added a caption to the illustration that was accurate. Knowing her processing abilities and her issues with perception, I may not even bother following through.

Until I worked with children, I don’t think I ever truly understood what it meant to be exasperated by and pleased with someone all at the same time.


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