From Electricity to Smells: another funny student quote

by stryson

What a day!

After explaining the concept of turbulence to my fifth graders, one of my students told me today that she was on a plane when the wing caught fire. Suspiciously, I asked her if what she meant was that there were sparks. Of course, she said yes, and we got into a side conversation about static electricity. The girl mentioned that she has a blanket that often gets static electricity, and that it hurts when you get zapped. I agreed and noted that it hurts because you really are getting a tiny electrical zap. Of course…. it degenerated from here.

She informed me that she’s never put her finger in an electrical outlet, but her brother has. She says she told him not to and that she was screaming, “YOU’RE GONNA DIEEEEE!”

I smiled and simply said, “Your house must be very interesting.”

Her reply was, “Yeah, it’s really big…. and has many interesting…. smells.”


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