by stryson

My apologies for the dearth of posts lately. It’s been exactly one week since my husband and I closed on a new house! We’ve been working on this for six months now, since it was a short sale, and the seller’s bank was, to be diplomatic, not the most helpful group to work with. In any case, we’ve been quite busy, as you can expect.

Last night, I went straight to the house after school, and one of my good friends met me there. We worked on cleaning the upstairs bedrooms all afternoon, cleaning dust & grime off of the windows, walls, base boards, vents. It’s mind-boggling how much cleaning there can be to do in a completely empty room! My husband joined us after he got home from work, and we rounded out the evening with pizza, eaten on the floor of our empty sun porch, the room with the softest carpeting. I was excited when one of our neighbors saw us through the window, which I’d opened to let out some dust and let in some fresh air, and introduced herself from her driveway. I’m looking forward to living in a neighborhood where people actually socialize!

School continues on, alternately stressful and amusing. Expect more quote posts soon; I have a backlog piling up.

Now I’m off to prepare for a phone conference. We ended up cancelling our parent-teacher conferences because we missed so many days from the freak October snowstorm. However, some parents have requested phone conferences to make up for it. It should be pretty quick and easy, though.

Enjoy your rainy (at least here) day!


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