Computer Competition

by stryson

In one of my fifth grade classes, I have two girls that are engaging in a friendly competition. They use a typing program called Type to Learn, and they are each trying to surpass the other in levels, while still completing all the requirements. They’ve been neck-and-neck all year. I don’t mind this, because it’s wonderful to see them so motivated, no matter what the reason. They also refuse to be absent on the day they have me for class. (They have computers one time per week.) In that context, the following exchange occurred last Thursday. We’ll call one girl N and one girl L.

L: You’re never going to beat me!

N: What if you have to go to the doctor one day?

L: I won’t

N: What if I make you?

L: How?

N: I’ll get you an old man.

Me: What???

N: I’ll get L. an old man from a hospital, because maybe he’ll be sick. And then she’ll be sick. And I’ll win!


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