by stryson

So many of my students have large vocabulary deficits that being a walking dictionary is part of my job description. I don’t usually think twice about needing to define a word for a student on the spur of the moment, but every now and then, the word they choose to inquire about throws me for a loop. One such case happened a couple of weeks ago.

Student: What’s a Fitch?

Me: What? There’s no such thing.

Student: No, there is! What’s a Fitch?

Me: I’ve never heard of a Fitch.

Student: I saw it on a girl’s shirt!

Me: Ohhhh, that’s part of a name of a brand, Abercrombie & Fitch.

Student: So, what’s a Fitch?

This is a moment for a facepalm. We eventually cleared it up, but it took several examples.


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