by stryson

Last Monday, one of my fourth graders was talking about his twin sister, who goes to a different school. One of his classmates, after discovering that they were twins, asked, “So she looks exactly like you?”

“No,” replied the twin. “We’re not that kind of twins. There are two kinds of twins: vertical and the kind that look the same.”

I corrected his use of the word vertical, and he proceeded:

“Right, so there are two kinds of twins, fraternal and symmetrical.”


3 Comments to “Twins”

  1. I’ve just started getting caught up on some of your new posts, and I love them! They are very funny.

  2. Thank you! I’m glad you’re appreciating them. 🙂 The kids make me laugh pretty much every day… a big part of why I love my job.

  3. Makes me wish I had been taking notes when I taught piano!

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