4th grade quotes

by stryson

There are two boys in my first period class, fourth graders, who are quite funny naturally… and who have been striving to get in my quote notes often of late. (They realize I write down quotes; they certainly don’t know what I do with them, other than laugh to myself.) Here are some beauties of late.

First, boy #1 found out that he needs to not consume dairy for a month; it has something to do with allergy testing that he is receiving. He comes in that day and announces to me that his life is over, because, “If I don’t get my Cinnamon Toast Crunch in the morning, I’m nothing!

This same boy had a strange comment after I gave an example for the word etcetera, wherein I listed a whole bunch of objects I own that are orange. (Orange is my favorite color, and the kids know this.) At the end of my giant list, this boy announces, in a spooky storyteller voice, “Legend says that Mrs. Tryson’s bones are made out of orange.”


And boy #2 gave me a bit of a clever response this morning. The exchange went as follows:

Me: Have a seat.

Boy: Thanks, Mrs. Tryson! I’ll sell it for a million bucks!

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: my job is not boring.


2 Comments to “4th grade quotes”

  1. I love the random things kids say! The other night at the dinner table my three year old took his corn tortilla wrapped his mini carrot up in it and proclamed it to be a carrot-dilla (you know, quesadilla minus the cheese, add the carrot). 🙂

    • How cute and clever! I also love the funny and random things kids say, clearly. I work with language-impaired (dyslexic, CAPD, etc) children, as well, so some things they say are particularly “out there” or adorable. It makes my days so entertaining… and makes the kids that much more endearing.

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