Welcome, 2012.

by stryson

Happy New Year!

I have to admit, I considered a post about resolutions. I toyed with the idea of publicly resolving to post more.  Then I had a twofold realization: first, that’s one surefire way to have an entry that sounds exactly like thousands of other blog posts out there this week, and second, that it sounded exactly like many New Years entries I’ve written in paper journals over the years. Echoes of myself, writing, “I swear I’ll be more consistent in writing this year,” or “I’ll remember to write all the time, not just when I’m upset or ecstatic” bounced around my mind.

So, I ditched that idea.

The new year does deserve acknowledgement, however. I like new beginnings, even if they’re relatively arbitrary. It really feels like a fresh start, too. My husband and I finally finished moving out of our apartment, and we’re getting settled in our new house. Moving at the holidays was incredibly stressful, but we got to reminisce about the last few moves we’ve made… all of which were at holiday times. It helps to be able to look back and say, “Hey, I lived through it then; I can do it now!”

The break was shorter than I might’ve liked, but overall, I’m happy to be back in my routine at school. Really, the only complaint I have at the moment is a strong dislike of getting up & moving while it’s still dark out.

The kids are back, full-force, and their antics are as hilarious as ever. It seems that Valentine’s day is creeping around my school early, since so many of my kids are crushing on each other, “dating,” or at least talking about these things. In my vocabulary class this week, a couple of kids started talking about weddings for one reason or another. One boy announced that he wanted to get married on the moon. Another student solemnly cautioned him that it’d be a bad idea, since his helmet would clunk against the bride’s helmet when they kiss at the end. Another student chimed in that he wants to get married underwater.

And these aren’t even the ones that are dating.

There are several fifth grade couples right now, but one in particular is quite visible. The girl is a major tomboy, strong-willed and loud. The boy is more shy, and he’s a very slow processor. He was taking a long time to pack up in his math class, and the girl was standing by the teacher (who was not me, but I heard this story at lunch today). She turns to the teacher, looks both amused and exasperated, and says, “I date him because he’s cute, not for his brains.”

Here’s to continuing hilarity in the coming year.


One Comment to “Welcome, 2012.”

  1. What a cute story. And congratulations on the house!

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