Monday Mood-Lifter: Quotes

by stryson

I’ll be honest – I’m still reorganizing my room after the holidays. That said, I found a notepad today on which I’d scribbled down some funny exchanges right before winter break. They’re both from my fourth grade class.

Me: You should’ve asked for help on your homework.

Student: Who? I don’t have Homework Help.

Me: You could ask your mom.

Student: How’s she going to know?

Me: She went through fourth grade.

Student: Yeah, in the olden days.

…. later on….

Me: Can you see how silly you’re being?

Student: No, because I don’t have a mirror.

That is all. I sincerely hope you’re having a Monday that’s slightly less intensely Monday than mine has been. It’s a full moon; maybe that partially explains it.


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