Educational Resources

Looking for one of the many sites I’ve mentioned on this blog? Need inspiration for lesson plans? You’re in the right place.

  • The home page for Inspiration, an excellent program designed to build graphic organizers and outlines.

  • The National Park Service hosts a program called “Webrangers.” It is a fantastic resource for children to learn about the parks, the environment, natural resources, history, and geography.

  • PBS Kids Go, the home of WordGirl, my favorite vocabulary-enhanced superhero.

  • Discovery Education Streaming requires a membership (I have one through my school), but it’s an excellent resource for videos. Many come with teacher’s guides and worksheets or quizzes. It’s great for topic introduction before reading, teaching note-taking from a video, wrap-up activities after a novel or story, and for sub plans.

  • Wacky Web Tales is the online equivalent of Mad Libs, specifically kid-friendly. This is a great reward (the kids ask for it often) or filler for when you have a few extra minutes to spare, but not enough time to start a new lesson.

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