Entertaining Resources

While this blog may have a professional slant, I did want to offer links to blogs I read and sites I visit that may not be strictly educational.


Phishing for Security is a blog written by my brother, focused mainly around network security. Even for the average layperson, this blog can be useful, with tips to keep yourself safe from the many booby traps out there on the ‘net.


My friend Ryan is a scientist and a MAJOR plant nerd. This is his blog.


Speaking of botanists, this is the blog written by an old friend of mine, Sarah. She uprooted herself from Jersey and moved to Oregon. She cooks, she travels, she blogs. Definitely worth a read.


The Strength of Faith is a blog written by another Sarah, a friend of mine from college. Part food blog, part fitness blog, and part documentary on her journey to becoming a UCC minister, this blog is always worth a read. She is also the creator of Wear a Dress Tuesday.


Yes, I’m linking to someone on Livejournal. Yes, I still have my Livejournal account. No, you will not tease me about being stuck about a decade ago. In all seriousness, though, this blog is written by an old friend of mine, and it’s interesting to watch him as he struggles to come into his own after growing up sheltered in the midwest. Yes, you may make fun of me for regional snobbery.


I love lists, and I love books, and I love lists about books. If you agree, this site will keep you amused for hours.


Last.fm is also a list & statistic nerd’s playground, just themed toward the music you listen to.


Humanities Teacher Meerkat. It’s funny because it’s true.


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