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September 9, 2011

Room Decorating

by stryson

As I mentioned back in this post,  I quite enjoy my door decor right now. I finally got a decent picture of it today.


I also mentioned in this post that I got some neat activities for back to school, including a project involving t-shirt cutouts and a clothesline. Not every student’s shirt is finished and up yet, but it definitely looks cute so far!

Some of the kids took it more seriously than others. Naturally, some of them also have a little more inherent creativity and artistic ability than others, too. I really think the cheerleading shirt in this shot is particularly cute:

We had a little bit of Battle of the Sexes going on in my vocabulary class.

On that cute note, let’s have a resounding TGIF. I’ve made it through the first week unscathed. After working late this evening, it’s officially time to kick back and recharge. Have a relaxing weekend!