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March 27, 2011

Process, process, process.

by stryson

We’re in the midst of parent-teacher conferences, and one conference that I had on Friday really got me thinking.  For this child, the theme of the conference definitely kept coming back to “process, process process…. routine, routine, routine.”  This child totally needs support to approach assignments deliberately and walk through the process of completing them, and he needs a lot of repetition of this so that he can learn to do so on his own, eventually.  I got to thinking about how many of us, even if we don’t have major organizational and attention difficulties, can relate to this.

Have you ever walked purposefully into a room, only to stop in your tracks, because you cannot remember why you’re there?  How about that feeling when you’re certain you’ve forgotten to do something, but you just cannot put your finger on what it is?  We’ve probably all experienced moments where we’re not paying 100% attention to someone speaking, only to find suddenly that they’ve got an expectation of you – a reply, following through on instructions, etc., and you have no idea what it is.

Every assignment and every set of directions can be like that for this kid. It’s not a memory thing; it’s definitely a matter of being deliberate, paying attention, and  methodically addressing pieces of directions. He’s working without the internal sorting system and scheduler that we take for granted most of the time.

Most of the time. There are some days I could definitely use, to quote phrases I find myself using often in PLEPs, “directions repeated and rephrased,” and “slow, sequential, chunked directions.”