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September 6, 2011

Welcome Back

by stryson

Happy back-to-school! (I realize some are returning tomorrow, and some have already returned, but today was our first day.)

Also, happy Wear A Dress Tuesday. I was going to take a picture of my cute back-to-school outfit, but then I got poured on. When did New Jersey start having a monsoon season?

I can’t wait to be past all of the beginning of the year hullabaloo and just get into teaching. I’m staring down several weeks of placement testing in my reading classes, and I’m chomping at the bit! At least I can dive right in with my computer classes.

While I’m pulling each child for individual testing, I’m having my younger guys complete these “Getting to Know Me” boxes. They’re cute! I have a couple of other activities lined up for when they finish, including this clothesline project. In addition to being ice breakers and keeping the kids busy, this’ll make my room look festive for Back to School Night.

Anyone have some particularly good back-to-school activities? Please share in the comments.