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October 4, 2011

Quotes from Fourth Grade Reading

by stryson

My students get into interesting trains of thought while we’re reading.

This morning, I was reading The Keeping Quilt, by Patricia Polacco, with my fourth graders. I was fishing for the word immigrant, asking them, “what do they call it when someone’s moved from one country to another?” I prompted them with the first letter, an “i,” and one child began rambling out various words that started with “i.” All of a sudden, he gets an “a-ha!” moment and yells out, “Instigator!!!!!” When I began to correct him, he began jumping in over me: “Instigator! Alligator! Eaten by a gator!”


In this same class on Friday, we were reading The Witches. When we got to a part that detailed a girl’s transformation into a chicken, the exchange that ensued went like this:

Student 1: “How did they know it was a witch?”

Me: “How else would she turn into a chicken?”

Student 1: “Chicken pox?”

Student 2:“Maybe she crashed into a pillow factory.”

This is what keeps my job interesting.