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March 12, 2011


by stryson

I don’t get much time to stay up on current events “real time” during the day. I get the news when I head to school and when I head home. It’s amazing how much can change in that short period of time. Yesterday morning, I knew about the quake in Japan, but the news was still saying, “Wow, they were ridiculously well-prepared for this. It’s above everything they’ve ever experienced, but, you know, they’re handling it okay.” Satisfied, I went about my business. I knew of the tsunami warnings, so I checked on some relatives in Hawaii, and then I dove into teaching for the day.

I came home to a different world. The devastation in the aftermath of the quake – the flooding, the fires, the nuclear plant leaks – is overwhelming. All eyes will be on Japan in the coming days, weeks, and months as they pick themselves up from this disaster. The beautiful thing is, however, you don’t just have to watch. In this interconnected age, it’s easy to lend a hand from far away. A Japanese friend of mine from my days in California, Riku, has a blog post outlining your best info and aid sources here:

Japan, we are with you, in thoughts, hearts, prayers, and action.

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