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November 22, 2011

The Giving Tree

by stryson

We do something called The Giving Tree at my school. Families and teachers can sign up to donate gifts to disabled children at a local facility. With each sign-up, the facility gives a list of suggestions for gifts, especially since many of the children are severely disabled, thus needing gifts that may be appropriate for a much younger age than they are.

When this year’s gift tags were passed out, the kids were, as usual, looking at each others’ to see what these kids were asking for. Suddenly, one of my sixth grade boys starts ranting about how this other child’s card said that the kid wanted a phone. He went on and on about how expensive cell phones are and how rude it was for them to ask for it if people were giving the gift anonymously. I went over to check out what was going on, and immediately saw the communication breakdown. The child in question was an infant, and the first gift suggestion was a mobile, as in the toy that hangs above a crib with dangling objects. However, my student saw mobile and thought mobile phone.

We all had a good laugh when that was cleared up, and my confused student felt quite relieved. Can you imagine if the student assigned this child actually bought the phone?

October 18, 2011

Our Imprecise Language

by stryson

I just spent fifteen minutes debating with my fourth graders, who insisted that you can see X-Rays. (An answer on their homework was that x-rays are invisible.) Never mind that the story mentions that X-Rays are invisible at least twice; the kids are so used to the actual pictures being called X-Rays that they couldn’t wrap their heads around the fact that the actual beam being shot from the camera is what an X-Ray is.

Oh yeah, and don’t even get me started on the conversation we had about organs, and about explaining to one girl that a real heart is not shaped like a Valentine’s Day style heart. Yes, that conversation ended with looking up pictures on the smart board… and the boys insisting that I find a real picture, not a drawing.

Are we sure today isn’t a Monday?