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March 20, 2011

It’s Sunday Afternoon

by stryson

… the time when I usually find myself thinking a lot about the week to come. Moreover, it’s a Sunday afternoon in March, wherein I’m usually stressing about the week to come. I find myself here, the Sunday immediately before parent-teacher conferences begin, and I don’t feel stressed. I may change my stance by tomorrow afternoon, but for now, I’m content with the way the week is shaping up.

I’m looking forward to working on a Social Studies project in earnest. I’ve started working on a play with the kids – we combine both third grade classes on Thursdays and Fridays, and I’ve written a play for them to perform about the Statue of Liberty. If it goes well, I’m considering expanding the play (which is currently about 4 pages long) into a longer piece about U.S. Landmarks. It’s heavily inspired by a play I was in when I was in fourth grade, which was called, “Look at New Jersey.”

I’ve been trying ever since I became a teacher to find a full copy of this play.  It was a brilliantly written overview of New Jersey for children. (The 4th grade Social Studies curriculum in New Jersey is all about the state.) To this day, I can recite New Jersey’s 21 counties in alphabetical order and locate them on a blank map thanks to this play. (I was the narrator – I had to point them out on an overhead projection.) There were appearances by Samuel Morse, Thomas Edison, Bruce Springsteen…. and adorable songs about immigrants and tomatoes. A friend’s response via facebook at least gave me a name to search for, though a search at the time turned up fruitless. However, I decided to try searching again while writing this post, and I have a lead! I sent an email to the man who may or may not have been the author of that play. (He is billed as “Mr.” on the program, which my friend still had, so I’m not certain if I emailed the right guy!)

I digress. In any case, I’m excited to face the week when there are fun things on the horizon, like putting together a third grade play. Now’s the time to enjoy it; standardized testing is going to take up the second half of the week, and that is usually draining. No! I refuse to think about anything except the sunshine outside and the fun prospects for the week.