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August 9, 2011

NASA happenings

by stryson

I went away for a long weekend, and it appears that the whole universe went wonky while I was gone. Coming back to emails, tweets, updates, and so on after being completely out of internet, TV, and radio contact with the rest of the world is always a surreal experience. I have not completely caught up on current events, and I will sheepishly admit that I don’t particularly want to. All I know is that while I was swimming, reading, and playing a lot of skee ball, apparently the country’s credit rating went down, the stock market plummeted, and people in London were/are rioting. I can infer the reasoning for the former two, and I haven’t explored the latter. This at least will give you some context for my completely incongruous post, which ignores all the real-time chaos going on in the world.

One of the more blatantly “nerdy” things I do follow the various Mythbusters on Twitter. Today, Grant Imahara tweeted a link to an article that I found pretty interesting.  Apparently NASA has found the crash site of a spacecraft they downed on the moon back in the 1960s. The link to the article is here. Be forewarned, the comment section of this article, as happens far too often on the internet, is already starting to fill with nonsense. The article is not long or detailed, but it is an interesting development to note. I also had no idea that NASA was working on a more detailed map of the moon; I’ll be excited to see that as it develops.