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July 10, 2012

All it took was a little time away…

by stryson

… to remind me of how much I like doing this. By “this,” I mean both blogging and teaching. After a bit of a hiatus, I’m back to both. I’m not teaching summer school – I haven’t done that since 2009 – but I am tutoring, which is just enough for me during the summer.

It seems to be an annual occurrence for me to get incredibly burned out and irritable by the end of the school year. I’m certain that I can’t be special in this – does anyone have any good tips for keeping it cool through the end of the year? I hate the way it spills over into my personal life… I’ve been spending summer trying to get back in touch with people after my coping strategy became “hunker down and ignore what you can until it all goes away.” My husband put a very positive spin on this troublesome habit the other night, though, which made me feel better: “You want to give each person and each thing 100%, so then when you’re not able to, you get frustrated.” While this is a kind way of viewing the situation, I’d love to get to a more balanced place, where I don’t get thrown for a loop as easily.

Ah, well. Back on the horse, at any rate.

I was going to end this post with a picture of the artwork with which my kids covered the board on the last day, but the picture is on my computer at home. In its place, I’ll share the artwork they left on the day of “Expo,” which is like a spring back-to-school night. (Clicking the picture should show you the full-size version for a closer look.)


August 23, 2011

Awkward in-betweens

by stryson

I find myself in the usual headspace that I inhabit during late August: I’m starting to get excited about school again, I’m itching to start thinking about school and making plans, and I’m simultaneously completely resisting caving in to that urge, because I know that two months from now, I’ll be up to my eyeballs in it and ready for a break.

I don’t think I’m alone in this phenomenon.

This summer has been very interesting for me, though. I’ve really been observing a lot of my habits and my thought processes, thanks to the meditation classes I’ve been taking, and I’m trying to take a more balanced approach to my life. This seems to be an oddity in my field, at least judging by those I interact with often. I’ve had to explain several times this summer that, no, I’m not going into school more than a couple of times over the course of the summer. No, I’m not working. I need to be away from work sometimes so that I don’t build up resentment, and so that I can restore and refresh myself so that I can be there 100% once school does start again.

Have I been perfect with this? No, clearly not. One only has to take a look at my posting history to know I’ve spent some time on schoolwork this summer. I don’t regret that, because I think that simply the act of making myself aware of my habits is a good beginning. And, yes, there are things that must get done for work over the summer, but I’m working toward eventually mastering a balance wherein I can keep it tamed and in the perspective that I want, not an obsessive monstrosity fueled by my own guilt, anxiety, or distorted work ethic.

I’ve needed to take time for me this summer, and I have. I suspect I’ll see this pay off in my attitude and health come the school year, but that’s left to be seen.

All that said, I’m going to enjoy the heck out of my remaining freedom. Hooray summer!