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February 14, 2012

Sick day

by stryson

So, I’m sick. Sick enough to take two days off of work, which hardly ever happens. I went into school yesterday morning under the classic assumption, made at six a.m., that it was just a cold and that I’d feel better after being awake for an hour or so. That assumption was wrong.

By seven-thirty, I’d already text messaged my assistant director, asking him to get me a sub for the  day. I did my morning duty, got the sub oriented, and prepared to leave. One of my first period fourth graders overheard the sub tell me to get plenty of rest. So, naturally, as I walked out the door, he calls after me:

“Hey, Mrs. Tryson, rest in peace!”

I did take the time to explain, in my strangled-not-really-there-voice, that I appreciated the sentiment but that it wasn’t correct to phrase it that way. I was definitely chuckling on the inside, though.

I’m still home, and still run-down, and my voice really isn’t back yet. I’m sick of being sick!

October 19, 2011

Wisdom from the Mouths of Babes

by stryson

“A real man likes all colors.” – One of my fourth graders, on even liking “unmanly” colors.

October 5, 2011


by stryson

Oh, the conundrums with which we are faced because of certain students!

There is a girl in my sixth grade reading class that has multiple learning difficulties. Among her habits (if you’d call it that) is writing all over everything, often just her name, over and over. Today, I’d passed out a story that was photocopied. I intended to just re-collect the papers and reuse them another year. Well, this young lady wrote all over hers, of course. However, I feel strange about following through to reinforce that it was a poor choice, since what she wrote was a note to me. It said the following:

[It began with a drawing of a peace sign, a heart, and a smiley face, with the label “Peace, Love, Happiness.”]

Dear Mrs. Tryson,

You are the best teacher ever!!!

From: Her Name

To: Mrs. Tryson

[peace sign] out.

Then, underneath, an arrow drawn to the illustration for the story, and a note that reads:

This is Pocahontas and she is a Native American girl. 12 years old.

So… she complimented me, and then she added a caption to the illustration that was accurate. Knowing her processing abilities and her issues with perception, I may not even bother following through.

Until I worked with children, I don’t think I ever truly understood what it meant to be exasperated by and pleased with someone all at the same time.

March 17, 2011

Kids can be so sweet…

by stryson

… as evidenced by one of my third graders today. This young man has a very hard time staying positive, but he and I have a very good rapport. Today, he slips me this note. I’m going to type it first as he wrote it, and then afterward with the spelling interpreted by me.

to ms. tyson

You are a coll preson guess ho I am you help me get sluchon’s I go buind your Desk I’m in This class rigth now ho am I


To Mrs. Tryson,

You are a cool person. Guess who I am. You help me get solutions. I go behind your desk. I’m in this class right now. Who am I?


It was cute. I love the “You help me get solutions” line.


It’s moments like this that make all the stress worth it.