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May 31, 2011

Reading fluency

by stryson

One of the downsides to everyday life at school is that my desk tends to turn into a black hole. My prep is last period this year, and I invariably find myself staring down an unsteady tower of papers of many varieties. This has, on occasion, caused me to misplace important things, only to flail when I need them later. Have I mentioned that I teach LD children… and that I’m supposed to be teaching these kids, with  their executive function deficits, to be more organized? It’s downright embarrassing.

In any case, my single most-misplaced piece of paper is also one of my most useful, and in a pinch today, I found a copy of it online in PDF form. It is the Hasbrouck & Tindal Oral Reading Fluency Norms. You can find an easy-to-read copy here. This chart is a great go-to for conference time, when parents ask potentially-awkward questions about whether or not Johnny is performing on grade level. It also makes for an easy write-up of instructional levels for PLEPs or PLAFs. Of course, this chart does not take comprehension into consideration, but it does give handy percentiles for grade level of decoding ability.

Now, in the interest of avoiding the pile growing any larger, I have some grading that awaits me.

3 weeks until summer!